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Google IO 2018 Extended
By Darshil Bhatt on 18 Jul 2018

We were so much excited when we got confirmation for Google IO 2018 Extended hosted by GDG Baroda.Thousands of people around the globe were watching the live streaming of amazing Google IO 2018 which was held on 8th May at Shoreline,California.So,in the same way we also got opportunity to enjoy live streaming by GDG Baroda.

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GDG-WTM Meetup on Agile
By Dhruv Apte on 15 Jul 2018

This was the first Women Tech-makers Meetup in the year 2018. The topic was AGILE- by Kratika Shah.

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TensorFlow Dev Summit Extended
By Pratik Parmar on 09 Jul 2018

When we all at GDG Baroda got updates for the first time that another Tensorflow Dev Summit is happening this February at Mountain View, we were damn excited! We were hoping high from Tensorflow team and expecting even more exciting announcements than the last summit. The Tensorflow Dev Summit brings together over 500 TensorFlow users in-person and thousands tuning into the live stream at TensorFlow events around the world, and GDG Baroda was one of them. During this event, Google makes new product announcements along with technical talks from the TensorFlow team and guest speakers.

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A New Beginning!
By Manan Jadhav on 12 Feb 2017

Hello people !

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