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DevFest 18
By Pratik Parmar on 30 Sep 2018

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Google Cloud Next 2018 Extended
By Tanvi Shah on 05 Aug 2018
Google Cloud platform, offered by Google,is suite of cloud computing services that is used for powerful data and analytics. The best about it is ‘serverless-just code’ and ‘Future-Proof infrastructure’.
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Google's Self driving car : Waymo
By Harsh Popat on 04 Aug 2018
Waymo basically is a self driving car development company with the goal to make roads safer, free up people’s time and improve mobility for everyone. It is the subsidiary of google’s parent company This project by google came into...
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Stock Android Distribution And Project Treble
By Rushi M Thakker on 29 Jul 2018
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Unit Testing-WTM Baroda
By Darshil Bhatt on 27 Jul 2018
Enthusiasts always want to explore & learn new stuffs. They don’t want themselves to get stuck on just one technology. So, in March 2017, community organized a meetup on Unit Testing, which was of course a new stuff for attendees...
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All About the Virtual Assistants
By Harsh Popat on 26 Jul 2018
Well, we all are familiar with the term assistants. Basically it means a person who assists or gives support. But what is a virtual assistant? How it is useful? How do they work?…wait! is this stuff revolving your head! Come...
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GDD India Extended
By Darshil Bhatt on 26 Jul 2018
In December 2017, Google organized grand event in Bengaluru, named Google Developer Days(GDD India). GDG Baroda team attended the event, which turned into great experience for them. So the community organizers finalized the meetup for GDD India just to share...
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Post IO Meetup
By Darshil Bhatt on 24 Jul 2018
After enjoying awesome event of Google IO Extended, co-organizers of GDG Baroda who actually attended Google IO at Shoreline, planned another meetup named Post IO meetup, just to share their great experience of Google IO conference. Just like every time,...
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International Women's Day
By Harsh Popat on 22 Jul 2018
A fabulous event organized by WTM(Women Techmakers) held on 8th April 2018 was all about how far women have reached, where they are falling behind and how perceptions continue to shift. It was one of the memorable meets of GDG...
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Fake News
By Rushi M Thakker on 19 Jul 2018
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Google IO 2018 Extended
By Darshil Bhatt on 18 Jul 2018
We were so much excited when we got confirmation for Google IO 2018 Extended hosted by GDG Baroda. Thousands of people around the globe were watching the live streaming of amazing Google IO 2018 which was held on 8th May...
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GDG-WTM Meetup on Agile
By Dhruv Apte on 15 Jul 2018
This was the first Women Tech-makers Meetup in the year 2018. The topic was AGILE- by Kratika Shah.
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TensorFlow Dev Summit Extended
By Pratik Parmar on 10 Jul 2018
When we all at GDG Baroda got updates for the first time that another Tensorflow Dev Summit is happening this February at Mountain View, we were damn excited! We were hoping high from Tensorflow team and expecting even more exciting...
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Cloud Study Jams
By Darshil Bhatt on 18 Feb 2018
Looking at enormous application of cloud based service, in Feb 2017 GDG Baroda organized meetup on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) named Cloud Study Jams, lead by co-organizers. Just like everytime, this time also attendees were so excited when they got confirmation...
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Vue.JS Meetup
By Darshil Bhatt on 04 Feb 2018
Looking at increasing interest of developers in building creative user interfaces(UI), in Feb 2018 GDG Baroda oraganized meetup on Vue.JS which is JavaScript framework for building different types of UIs. When attendees got confirmation for this meetup, they were really...
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Connectify-WTM and GDG Baroda
By Tanvi Shah on 19 Nov 2017
“Connectify” itself talks about into-contact or merging together of two or more communities.Many people on different platforms talks about women equality and employment. But GDG Baroda have taken an initiative with the title WTM Baroda - A centralised general community...
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DevFest 17
By Pratik Parmar on 01 Oct 2017
What came into your mind when you heard the word “DevFest” for the first time? Well, as per official website - GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s...
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What are GANs
By Dhruv Apte on 28 Jul 2017
GANs? Are these aliens or something?
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A New Beginning!
By Manan Jadhav on 12 Feb 2017
Hello people !
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