Google Cloud platform, offered by Google,is suite of cloud computing services that is used for powerful data and analytics. The best about it is ‘serverless-just code’ and ‘Future-Proof infrastructure’.

GDG Baroda had its earlier sessions on ‘Cloud study jams’. On August 5,2018; it had a meetup - “Google Cloud Next 2018 Extended”. It was all about having session on Google cloud platform and hands-on session, in which atendees would be guided on different topics for Google cloud, what you can do with it, which products and how one can use it to its best.

Pratik Parmar had lead this session for Google cloud. We were given a brief note on machine learning. Then it was started with “Cloud ML Engine : Qwik Start”.Firstly, we were explained the overview and codes run for ‘Qwik Start’. Then we had hands-on session with one hour lab. We came across through many new information like-Big bucket, data storage..Thus, it was a lot of knowledge gained.

Hands-on session for machine learning

Then we had an interaction session. Sneh Pandya took a charge over it. All the atendees were asked about their target accomplishment by 2018 end! There were different streams and goals for all of them. Next, we were asked to discuss the sessions which GDG Baroda should proceed with! There were different outcomes like - Blockchain, Flutter, Machine Learning, Graphics and many more. So, the motto for doing this was - The people should know their mode of interest and what they should proceed with further. It was also concluded that students can learn a topic themselves and handover a session by GDG Baroda meetups.

Discussion and interaction

And moreover to a surprise, GDG Baroda had officially declared website for Devfest 2018. Also, we had a teaser launched for Devfest 2018. Few atendees had their experience shared for previous Devfest. Thus, there was excitement spread all-over for attending the upcoming Devfest on 30-09-2018.

so, it was a great event with knowledge and fun.

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