“Connectify” itself talks about into-contact or merging together of two or more communities.Many people on different platforms talks about women equality and employment. But GDG Baroda have taken an initiative with the title WTM Baroda - A centralised general community for women.

“Connectify” was a november meetup on 19-11-2017. It was the inaugural of WTM Baroda to encourage women in tech in co-operation with GDG Baroda. It was a general meetup about interacting, learning and sharing with fellow community members.

Mamta Gelanee as a lead, has hosted this connectify event with co-operation of GDG Baroda. She shared briefly about GDG Baroda - A community that meets to discuss latest Google technologies and finding innovative ways to apply them. And then shared visions for WTM - To have more womens working with technology. By her encouraging words, she really gave us goosebumps and lot of excitement to get involved in it.

It continued with the introduction session and their interest areas. Many atendees shared about their working projects and their difficulties. So, different solutions and tricks were discussed among them. Even new ideas and projects were shared.Then atendees were asked to share the topics they would like to learn in followed meetups. And they were many like Android, JAVA RX, Machine Learning, cloud computing..

This was never an end. Learning and sharing always improves by dealing with different people and their ideas. And here, the strategy was to compulsary interact with some new people to earn different knowledge. Its really beneficial if you deal with it.

Connectify meetup

Thus, it was a full package of fun, learn and devlop yourself. It feels really proud when such communities like WTM comes into existance.

That’s it for today’s post.

We will continue our journey in upcoming posts.