DevFest Glimps

And finally the day we all at GDG Baroda waiting for throughout the year is here. For those who don’t know about DevFest, GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.

As always GDG Baroda team came up with curated speakers with wide spectrum of technologies. You can checkout the talk schedule given below:


All DevFests are very special to us, but DevFest 18 was different because:

  • Theme

    If you’ve seen quite closely you can see the pattern in talk agenda. Yes, you guessed it right, this year’s theme was “Developing Cross Platform Apps with Flutter”, thus GDG Baroda team curated the speakers such a way that attendees get to know about development workflow to developing apps for Flutter.

  • Books2Go App

    As a part of main theme, our community created this app using Flutter and other technologies. We curated the talk agenda such a way that it lines up with each aspect of the Books2Go, such as ML Kit for book title recognition, Firebase for Flutter etc. We made this app open source thus anyone can use it to learn these technologies. We even had a demo desk where attendees get to try and learn more about it.

    Demo Desk for Flutter

  • Googler as a speaker

    What is more impressive than having rockstar speakers? Speaker from Google itself !!! It was our privilege to have Harsh Dattani as a speaker. It was a proud moment for GDG Baroda team because Harsh was co-organizer at GDG Baroda two years back.

    Harsh Dattani

  • Kahoot Quiz

    No need to mention, this year also we had Kahoot quiz. It’s like an addiction we have at GDG Baroda. Winners got Google Home mini and playstore vouchers!

    Kahoot Quiz

  • Organizing team

    Team of GDG Baroda leads and 20+ volunteers working hard for more than 4 months to make this event awesome. We can’t appreciate their efforts enough.


For various reasons, some of team members might not be able to join us next year but as our co-organizer Sneh Pandya says “Parties will happen, events will go on, but the efforts that we’ve put on together, they’ll always be remembered.”

Annnnnd it’s wrap folks. A day filled with lot’s of memories and joy, making new friends and learning new things. That’s all from our side for now, see you soon at our upcoming meetups.