In December 2017, Google organized grand event in Bengaluru, named Google Developer Days(GDD India). GDG Baroda team attended the event, which turned into great experience for them. So the community organizers finalized the meetup for GDD India just to share their experience of the event with community members. Just like everytime, attendees were excited when they got confirmation from GDG Baroda for GDD India Extended.

GDG Baroda Team at GDD

Google Developer Days(GDD India) was held at Bengaluru form December 1–2, 2017. It is a global event organized by Google to showcase their latest products and platforms for the users and developers. It was the first time Google organised such a big event in India. And you know what, it was totally awesome! It was organized at International Exhibition Centre in Bengaluru.

On first day, when team reached the venue, they were really shocked looking the venue, crowd & arrangements, because they had never imagined that it is going to be such a big event. In morning, they done with their breakfast & registration. After that, it was time for interesting keynote by googlers. Keynote began in the rocking way.

GDD Keynote

They explained about the advancement of Google in several domains, their projects in India and sessions that were to follow in those two days. They discussed how they plan to find next billion customers in India in the coming years, and for this they have initiated several projects to bring wi-fi facilities to rural cities and also to teach people to use these services. Trainings sessions, codelabs, project demos followed this keynote. The trainings and sessions covered several domains including Android, Assistant, Cloud, Mobile Web, etc. running in parallel. Also, all these things were being live streamed on youtube. You can have a look at the complete detailed schedule here.

During Meetup

Apart from these sessions, there were demos of some fun projects which were developed by googlers. One of the cool projects was DrawBot. It simply took you picture using a mounted camera and drew that picture on the sheet. It used tensorflow and android things. There were many other things there which made the event worth attending. And the icing on the cake was the Pico Kits they received as give-away. There were IOT kits having Android Things project starter material. In evening there was rocking after-party with a band performance followed by DJ, at the end of first day.

Overall, the event was wonderful for them & all are waiting for its next iteration. Second day followed the schedule just same as on the first day. You can view it from here. If you want to watch the highlights of the events, or watch some sessions and trainings from those two days, please visit here.

Enthusiasts always learn with fun & joy when it comes about GDG Baroda.

That’s it for today’s post. We’ll continue our journey in upcoming post.