A fabulous event organized by WTM(Women Techmakers) held on 8th April 2018 was all about how far women have reached, where they are falling behind and how perceptions continue to shift. It was one of the memorable meets of GDG Baroda to empower women.

WTM Team


Speaker: Mamata Gelanee

The day dedicated to the wonderful women, International Women’s Day (IWD) began with a keynote sharing a brief description of the events stacked for the day including Women entrepreneurship and empowerment, data science stuff and many more informative sessions.

Women entrepreneurship and empowerment:

Speaker: Leena Patel

The live example of a women entrepreneur, Ms Leena Patel shared her story which encouraged many women to never give up and be fearless to start executing their dreams. She concluded with “what would people say” is the biggest hurdle on the way.

Data science what and why?

Speaker: Dhruv Apte

This session was all about what exactly data science is and its current practical uses. How this technology is useful in dealing with data. On the top of that Dhruv also recommended some of the important courses to go through to dig deeper. They were:

  • Harvard CS 109 course in Data Science
  • Deep Learning Course on Udacity
  • Andrew’s Machine Learning course on coursera

Women In Silicon Valley:

Speaker: Darshil Bhatt

There was a brief description on lack of women in tech as compared to men. This leaves them in minority which is not a good sign. Darshil proposed many ways to empower them and generate more participation to overcome gender inequality.

Dream it, Do it:

Speaker: Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain This one started with Surbhi’s story of becoming an entrepreneur. She mentioned her dedication until her illusion became reality. This one was the major highlight of the whole event which gave a role model to the female audience.


Speaker: Daniel Phiri

WTM Team Daniel basically pointed towards the gender inequality in our society, and how today’s women have overcome male dominance in every field. He also included how women are becoming self- dependent and working on execution of their dream to become what they desire to be.

At the cease we had a really persuasive session hosted by Mamata Gelanee which encouraged people to be the part of community, she pointed towards the pros of being more social which included:

  • Having a large network
  • Learning new stuff
  • Helping Each other
  • A competitive environment And much more…

Hence if we conclude we had successful meet IWD which may be the milestone for the female audiences. Everybody had a great time meeting new people and building a true inseparable bond with the people never thought of and achieving stuff never dreamt of.