After enjoying awesome event of Google IO Extended, co-organizers of GDG Baroda who actually attended Google IO at Shoreline, planned another meetup named Post IO meetup, just to share their great experience of Google IO conference. Just like every time, we’re excited when we got confirmation from GDG Baroda for this meetup. Attendees were curious to know the experience of GDG Baroda co-organizers at Google IO, because to attend Google IO is like a dream for every developer and Google enthusiast.

Meetup about to begin!

Finally the day came, meetup began in the rocking way! So, when two co-oragnizers, Sneh Pandya & Manan Jadhav, reached San Francisco, they head their way to Mountain View where global head-quarter of Google, Googleplex & Shoreline Amphitheatre are situated. Shoreline Amphitheatre is place where every year Google IO conference take place. During IO, Google converts whole amphitheatre & it’s parking area into IO Venue.

Countdown for Google IO conference began. Google IO is a three days event. At the first day in morning, they did breakfast at IO venue which was little bit strange for them but they told it was so good. After that, it was time for keynote. They enjoyed amazing keynote lead by Sundar Pichai. Keynote continued for approximately two hours by different rocking speakers, speaking on upcoming innovative stuffs. It was fantasic experience for them. According to them, if an IO attendee could miss keynote & goes to back stage, he/she can definitely interact with Sundar Pichai & other speakers. After keynote, sessions on different technical stuffs started in the codelabs. Codelabs are small buildings where sessions on different tech-stuffs take place. There were codelabs for Android, Firebase, Web , Google Accessibility, Android & IoT, Machine Learning, Flutter and many more.

Attendees can attend codelabs depending on their specific field of interest and also they can explore different stuffs. After one hour of codelabs, there was Developer Keynote, where speakers explained innovations in different development frameworks used for developing different products. This keynote too was an awesome experience for the co-organizers, through which developers can code efficient products. Keynote continued for one hour & again sessions in the codelabs began. And that codelab sessions were in motion on the second & third day of IO, for the whole day, starting from morning to evening. According to co-organizers, codelab can be a best thing to explore & learn different stuffs.

On the third day evening, they enjoyed after party at amphitheatre, which was worth doing.

So in this way, their experience of Google IO was just awesome & cherishable!

GDG Baroda never fails to make joyful moments in each & every meetup for the enthusiasts.

That’s it for today’s post. We’ll continue our journey in upcoming post.