This was the first Women Tech-makers Meetup in the year 2018. The topic was AGILE- by Kratika Shah.

WTM is the sister branch of GDG to promote women in software. In Baroda, the creation of a WTM Baroda chapter was announced in October 2017 at the GDG DevFest 2017.

The talk started with a small video titled “Be fearless”.

The waterfall model was the first to start with. It means we fulfill the requirements, design, implementation, verification and so on. Data shows efficiency of IT industry increased from 17% to 34% from 1994 to 2004 due to introduction of AGILE.

“It is group of methodologies based on iterative development and incremental approach” -Kratika Shah

In a nutshell, AGILE should be collaboration between self-organising cross-functional teams. The manifesto can be seen from here. AGILE helps the developers to understand the priorities of a product; whether they should be released in the first versions or the extended versions.

Take for example, Whatsapp started with the chats feature and then releasing features like audio call and video call in further versions. This is a classical example of AGILE development. AGILE speaks simplicity in terms of design and implementation.

Next came the AGILE umbrella consisting of various iterative method like Kanban,FDD and Scrum. Scrum provides an optionality to the owner’s participation in the scrum meeting. Although video-conferencing is not a big no-no, scrum prefers a core location. Although issues can be discussed in scrum, it is not necessary to discuss the solution; this is regarded as ‘parking lot’ thing.The scrum master faciliates communications between team members and supports the improvements, tries to keep the issue on track and tracks the impediments. This results in a day starting with a positive note.

The session ended with some story sessions to understand more about AGILE. Talking of making an industrial concept interesting!