Well, we all are familiar with the term assistants. Basically it means a person who assists or gives support. But what is a virtual assistant? How it is useful? How do they work?…wait! is this stuff revolving your head! Come on lets dig deeper to blow those doubts off. So lets begin with What exactly is a virtual assistant? Virtual Assistant also called AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant or digital assistant is just an application program that lives in your phones, tablets, speakers or other internet connected device. It understands natural language voice commands and completes tasks for the user. Some of the basic tasks include: Looking up for phone numbers, Taking Dictation, reading texts or images aloud, work as a remainder and much more.

Some of the popular Virtual Assistants based on AI presently available:

  • Google’s Google Assistant
  • Apple’s Siri
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Microsoft’s Cortana and many more…

    Amazon Alexa

We humans penetrate only into the stuff which makes our lives more easier and fun. Virtual Assistant is one of those stuff. Here are some of the instances of the intelligence of this virtual machine:

  • Search and Calculations made easier and faster than humans. Calculate stuff just by having a small talk with the assistant, just the matter of seconds and there you go. No more effort of typing the whole values in a machine.

  • Locomotion Services made more effortless. Need a cab to go to work? Ask you assistant and boom! Be ready your cab is about to arrive. Without the physical touch of the device your need is fulfilled.

  • Dictation the feature useful most of the times. For instance you want to send a message to your friend saying you cannot make it today, and you are sorry for that, just dictate it to the assistant and it will type for and send it too.

  • Ordering Stuff at times is a boring thing to do. But with your virtual buddy no worries. Ya it can do that too. Its like giving order to the waiter at the restaurant and eagerly waiting for your favourite dish to arrive.

  • Making To-Do-Lists most of the times leads to scratching and rewriting when we try to prioritize the tasks. Here’s the solution just tell your assistant the tasks and then prioritize with ease.

  • Calendaring rated cumbersome task by people. Remembering important dates is very complicated and lame task, on the contrary its one of the most important one. Take the help of assistant for calendaring, hence one more boring task assigned successfully.

Google Assistant

After the skills there comes the backend part. How does it work? When you talk to the assistant the words and tone of your request are analyzed by an algorithm, which are then matched with a command that it thinks you asked. The probability of getting the desired output is 80%-85%. If it is unable to understand your accent or the sentence it would probably say “Did you mean blank?” or “I cannot understand” and give you its best guess from the of your words interpreted. While the algorithm is analysing the question your phone or smart speaker will try to configure if it can be fulfilled without needing information from the server. For instance if you need to play music then this task can be accomplished without any connection with server but if you want to translate a sentence in english to italian then it definitely needs a connection. This is the simple procedure that assistant follows to support you.

Future Scope According to experts “Today AI assistants are primarily an additional route to information gathering and can complete simple tasks within set criteria. In order to become truly intelligent, they need to fully understand the user and user intuition.” Secondly, we witnessed an amazing update for the assistant called google duplex at google I/O ‘18. It can even interact on phone in human accent, fix appointments and much more. On the top of that it has got 6 different voices. The lightening speed of development will probably lead to the invention of virtual human beings in future. The striking competition will result in the best developments in Artificial Intelligence. That’s all about the virtual assistants. Stay connected for more exciting stuff.